Mobile Apps for Construction

Managing your construction business requires coordination between the office and the field. With Dexter + Chaney’s cloud-based construction software, your teams always have access to the latest data wherever they are working. But for the times when they only need to perform a single task or they may not have an Internet connection, we offer apps for Apple and Android mobile devices that can work both online and offline.

Payroll Field Time
Capture your staff’s hours worked each day with the help of Payroll Field Time. This easy to use app records each employee’s time worked on each job per day and correctly charges the appropriate phase. Additionally, Payroll Field Time can record the hours of operation for your field equipment, so your jobs are correctly charged for your fleet’s usage. All of this information is synched with Spectrum to update payroll and job cost records.

Equipment Field Entry
To get the most out of your equipment fleet, you need to make sure you know where each piece is located, how much time is spent in use, and when preventive maintenance was performed. With Dexter + Chaney’s Equipment Field Entry app, you can manage the use and maintenance of your equipment, so you get the most out of it. Once synched, the app’s information is integrated with Spectrum’s Equipment Management applications.

Project Plan Room
Documents are the lifeblood of a project, so they need to be accessible anywhere. Light versions of your documents can be downloaded to a mobile device using Project Plan Room. The lighter version allows for quick download without losing information. Project Plan Room integrates with both Venture and Spectrum Plan Room, so your documents stay updated, ensuring your project teams have the latest information.


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