Backup/Disaster Recovery

No one can predict when a catastrophe may happen, but everyone can be prepared. Whether an interruption in service is due to an act of Mother Nature or because of a technical issue, it still means downtime – an unnecessary and often costly problem for your company. You need a plan to reestablish a level of operation as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

DBS can assist your company in the formulation of a disaster recovery plan so that processes and procedures are in place to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after a disaster. The number one goal is to minimize the interruption in service and restore data in a precise and rapid recovery time.

Backup Identification

Backing up and restoring every piece of data can be an expensive proposition. DBS can assist you in identifying business critical data for backup and recovery which can decrease expenses by a considerable amount.

Whether you are using virtualization for snapshots of data, off-site replication or backup software and media, DBS can customize a disaster recovery/backup solution to best fit your environment.

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